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I am always looking for opportunities to collaborate with other songwriters - especially musicians/producers who can take an incisive lyric with a great melody and develop it into a killer song.

I work across various genres, but would say that Country Music (for the US market), and Melodic Upbeat Pop Songs and Pop Ballads (for the UK market) are what I am doing most of at the moment.

As my strengths are in top line lyrics writing and melodies, I am especially keen to collaborate with songwriters whose can come up with stronger melodies and musical arrangements (although I am happy to collaborate on lyric writing too).

A proven track record is not essential, but obviously a bonus. Great business contacts are also a plus, but attitude, enthusiasm and ambition are key.

If you interested in making great music together, please get in touch...

[pics: left Frank and friends at Martin Sutton's 'The Song' songwriting retreat (Jan 2011); right Frank with cowriter Ben Woodward at Artist Studios in Bristol (2014).]

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